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July 7, 2015 10:32 AMCategory: Physical Activity

10 Ways to Create a More Active City

The verdict is in: Cities designed to encourage active lifestyles can really pay off in terms of overall health and well-being. What are cities doing to help people live more healthy lives?

Recently, Designed to Move released their Active Cities Report, a guide for city leaders. They found that cities that are designed to encourage and support physical activity were also more likely to have healthier populations, economies, and environments. The report also highlights the many positive outcomes associated with higher levels of physical activity, which is often influenced and bolstered by well-designed places to work, live, learn, and play. “When people move more, crime, pollution, and traffic go down [and] productivity, school performance, property values, health and well-being improve drastically.”

Here are Designed to Move’s “10 Quick Wins” for creating a more active (and more prosperous) city:

1. Turn the lights on: Keep parks and sport spaces open late.

2. Open up school running tracks, courts, and fields to the public.

Running Track

3. Be a role model: Walk or bike to work, take the stairs, and work out.

4. Have active meetings: Have a walking meeting.

5. Reduce speed limits to 20 MPH.

6. Require stairs in public buildings and new construction to be opened up for public use.


7. Make existing resources like trails available for use in all kinds of weather.

8. Ask citizens what they need to be more physically active.

9. Put cycling and walking route maps on your website and in city apps.


10. Let people easily apply for street-closing permits for neighborhood play events.

Images: Photos from Pixabay.