Advocacy Resources

Advocacy 101
Trust for America’s Health and APA’s policy team provide an overview of advocacy and the importance of planners and public health professionals working toward shared advocacy goals. View slides.


DCH Anti-Lobbying Training
This webinar covers anti-lobbying and applicable laws as they relate to federal funds.

View the slides and supplemental information.

Listen to the recorded call via Instant Replay at (888)562-4492

Planners Advocacy Network
The Planners’ Advocacy Network is an APA initiative to engage in grassroots advocacy.
Engaging the grassroots is a way to provide a voice and opportunities for all of APA’s members by connecting constituents with elected officials.

Advocacy for Public Health
APHA, in coordination with its members and state and regional Affiliates, works with key decision- makers to shape public policy to address today’s ongoing public health concerns. Those include  ensuring access to care, protecting funding for core public health programs and services and eliminating health disparities.

Making the Case Through Media Advocacy: A Toolkit
This toolkit provides a compilation of tips and talking points for making the case for community prevention. They are based on Prevention Institute’s daily analysis of how the media is (and isn’t) framing community prevention. Using this information, you can expand and shift the frame of how the media depicts community prevention, to ensure that the whole picture is shown and that community prevention is framed accurately and comprehensively.

Advocacy Toolkit for the Public Health Professional
This toolkit is designed to be a basic reference to get you started on becoming part of the political process and playing a role in influencing your lawmakers. Conveying your concerns as a constituent about issues that affect you and your profession to your legislators can have a positive impact on policies affecting those working in the public health system. Constituent contact is also one of the most effective means of building ties of friendship and mutual understanding with public officials.