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May 4, 2017 9:23 AMCategory: Nutrition, Physical Activity

April Health News

newspaperEach month we’ll highlight a few news stories from around the nation related to nutrition, physical activity and chronic disease.

Please see below for select stories from April:

April 2 – Legumes may lower risk of type 2 diabetes

April 6 – Amount of Regular Exercise, Not BMI, Could Predict Stroke Recovery

April 11 – Physical inactivity linked to loss of independence

April 17 – Schools Will Soon Have to Put in Writing If They ‘Lunch Shame’

April 21 – Just viewing super-size meals can promote overeating

April 28 – Modest Increases in Kids’ Physical Activity Could Avert Billions in Medical and Other Costs

April 30 – Dayton School Garden Fertilizes Interest in Nutrition

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