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August 7, 2017 1:18 PMCategory: Nutrition

Celebrate National Farmers’ Market Week: August 6–12, 2017

August 6–12, 2017, is National Farmers’ Market Week (NFMW).  NFMW is an annual celebration sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that highlights the important role farmers’ markets play in the nation’s food system.

This national health observance is led by the National Farmers’ Market Coalition.  The coalition strives to demonstrate the benefit of farmers’ market across the country:

“The Farmers Market Coalition is driven by three complementary goals. We call it our triple bottom line. Farmers earn fair prices for the fruits of their labor by selling directly to consumers. Consumers gain access to fresh, nutritious, local produce. Communities regain a figurative “town square,” experiencing the many positive outcomes of foot traffic and animated public space. Throughout the USA, farmers markets are achieving these goals.”

For more information about farmers’ markets–including infographics, sample social media posts, and more–check-out the Partnering4Health Grab and Go Communications Packet.

Planners and public health professionals participating in Plan4Health have increased access to farmers’ markets, making it easier for residents to access fresh fruits and vegetables in communities across the country.  For more about the successful implementation of farmers’ markets in Jackson County, Illinois, check out this video, featuring Golden Beet Award Winner and Jackson County Healthy Communities coalition member Angie Kuehl:




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