Center for Science in the Public Interest

Center for Science in the Public Interest
The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is a consumer advocacy organization whose twin missions are to conduct innovative research and advocacy programs in health and nutrition, and to provide consumers with current, useful information about their health and well-being.

Why We Buy the Food We Buy
The webinar focused on environmental cues that influence why we buy the food we buy and featured presentations by David Just, Co-Director of the Cornell Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Programs, and Margo Wootan, Director, Nutrition Policy, Center for Science in the Public Interest.

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Temptation at Checkout: The Food Industry’s Sneaky Strategy for Selling More
This resource reveals how checkouts work to prompt purchases and makes the case that stores should not use checkouts to promote foods and beverages that undermine their customers’ health. Profiling healthy checkout projects around the United States, and three retail policies in the United Kingdom, the report shows that healthy checkout is not only possible, but would also be a major step forward in cleaning up the food environment. Visit the Pinterest board to see examples of healthy and unhealthy checkout isles.

Sugar Overload: Retail Checkout Promotes Obesity
This resource examines the prevalence and healthfulness of foods and beverages in retail checkout aisles. Across 30 grocery stores and other retailers, the study found that candy, gum, energy bars, chips, cookies, soda, and other sugary drinks comprise the majority of food and beverages at checkout. Research also uncovered that unhealthy food and beverages are common even in the checkout aisles of stores that are not in the business of selling food. Candy at Bed Bath and Beyond? Soda at Staples? Yes, most retail stores are pushing extra calories on their customers.

Availability of Healthy Food Products at Check-out Nationwide, 2010 – 2012
The placement of products in food retail establishments shapes the shopping environment of the consumer and influences which foods and beverages a consumer chooses to purchase. Bridging the Gap measured the availability of healthy food products at checkout nationwide and found that many more checkouts pushed candy or sugary drinks than fresh fruits and vegetables or water.

8 Ways Supermarkets Get You to Buy More (Often Junk) Food
Check out these eight ways that supermarkets can influence your food purchasing habits.

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