climate change

Climate Change

CDC’s Climate and Health Program
CDC’s Climate and Health Program is helping state and city health departments prepare for the specific health impacts of climate change that their communities will face

APHA – Climate Change
This page provides background information and resources on climate change as it relates to public health.

Adaption in Action: Grantee Success Stories from CDC’s Climate and Health Program
Communities across the nation are taking action to reduce the effects of climate change on health. This report highlights successful ways communities have responded to the challenge of climate change. For example:

Safeguarding California
California is leading the way on emissions reduction, but no matter how quickly we reduce our climate polluting emissions, climate impacts will still occur. Many impacts – increased fires, floods, severe storms and heat waves – are occurring already and will only become more frequent and more dangerous. But there are many things we can do to protect against climate impacts. Taking steps now to adapt to climate change will protect public health and
safety, our economy and our future.

Safeguarding California Public Health Sector Action Plans
This report, informed by public comments, is divided into ten sections that include water, agriculture, and biodiversity and shows the path forward by concisely presenting

  • risks posed by climate change,
  • adaptation efforts underway, and
  • actions that will be taken to safeguard residents, property, communities and natural systems.