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Explore the Transportation and Health Tool

Bike to Work Day in Columbus, Indiana.

The American Public Health Association, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, recently released the Transportation and Health Tool.

The intersection of transportation and health is an essential component of Plan4Health, with coalitions tackling many of the strategies recommended by the tool.

From the Complete Streets work of Nashua, New Hampshire, to making intersections more bikeable and walkable in Columbus, Indiana, Plan4Health demonstrates the implementation of data analysis.

Please learn more about the tool below — and check out the transportation and health data in your state!


Transportation and Health Tool: Federal partners leading the way for cross-sector collaboration

The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), with support from the American Public Health Association, recently released the Transportation and Health Tool (THT), an interactive online tool that practitioners can use to examine the health impacts of transportation systems. The THT uses fourteen transportation and health indicators that measure how the transportation environment affects health with respect to safety, active transportation, air quality, equity, and connectivity to destinations. The THT also provides transportation officials and policy-makers with recommendations on how to improve their health outcomes using the proposed strategies, interventions, and policies in their own community.

The THT demonstrates how the transportation and health sector intersect and through its incorporation into transportation decision-making process, will strengthen the relationship between the transportation and health sectors. Understanding the intersection between transportation and health through the THT indicator profiles, both sectors will have the opportunity to collaborate, establish common goals, identify win-win opportunities, and leverage resources to improve health outcomes. Additionally, the indicator score provides direction to the THT users by demonstrating the low-and high-performing indicators for a state, metropolitan statistical area, or urbanized area level, and offers strategies to improve health outcomes. Through years of collaboration and innovation, the USDOT and CDC created a tool that is accessible to state and regional practitioners that will impact health for generations to come.

Explore the THT and start the conversation with your transportation sector to work collaboratively to improve health outcomes:

Image by Jason Tracy, featuring Bike to Work Day in Columbus, Indiana.

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