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March 25, 2016 3:21 PMCategory: Physical Activity

Get Outside and Celebrate Spring!





It’s time to get ready for spring! Did you know that in 600 seconds, you can trigger the health benefits of being outdoors? According to recent research, spending ten minutes outdoors, two to three times a week, can reduce stress, increase focus, and improve energy levels. Spend this season exploring walkways, parks, and trails near your community.



The connection between the outdoors and health is more than a walk in the park. In this article, the National Parks and Recreation Association (NRPA) outlines the overlap between local park and recreation agencies and local health departments and highlights the alignment of responsibilities across these two areas. Just as Plan4Health is working to bridge the gaps between public health and planning professionals, NRPA is working to increase collaboration between public health and parks and rec.

The start of spring also means it is time for the American Planning Association’s annual conference – the National Planning Conference (NPC). This year, NPC will be in Phoenix, AZ and there will be a number of sessions highlighting health. Check them out here!


Photo from Plan4Health Bensenville, IL Coalition.