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July 1, 2015 4:35 AMCategory: Nutrition, Physical Activity

Healthy Happenings

These posts are intended to share news related to public health and planning—and showcase collaborative projects happening across the nation. Many of these projects are looking at designing healthy places, which include active modes of transportation and increasing access to healthy foods. Stay tuned for more updates about the movement to build healthy, vibrant places where we live, work, and play!

Planning board’s report on promoting healthy communities updated

Winston-Salem Journal // Fran Daniel // June 30, 2015

The City-County Planning Board’s staff has updated a report on healthy design principles and health-impact assessments that includes recommendations to incorporate edible landscapes and green roofs for urban agriculture.

The report developed out of the planning board’s adopted work program for 2015 and is an expansion of a May 2014 report titled “Healthy Design Principles and Health Impact Assessment: An Overview,” prepared for the board by Marilyn Moniquette-John.

Santa Monica Backs Off Density, Centers in LUCE

California Planning & Development Report // Josh Stephens // June 29, 2015

In 2010, the City of Santa Monica adopted a Land Use and Circulation Element to its General Plan that was hailed as a model of progressive planning. The LUCE foretold a denser but, possibly, less trafficked and more pleasant city and was one of the first such elements to achieve the goals of SB 375. Cities across the state looked to the LUCE as a model. It won “Outstanding Comprehensive Planning Award, Small Jurisdiction” from the California Chapter of the American Planning Association.

Why cycletrack networks should be the next great American transit project

Washington Post // Matt McFarland // June 22, 2015

Our country has faced a challenge like this before and triumphed. Pity the driver who dared attempt a cross-country road trip in the early 20th century. Consider what an engineer for the primitive Lincoln Highway suggested motorists bring along for such a journey: a shovel, an ax, a four-foot hardwood plank, 50 feet of rope, 16 feet of cable and a pistol.