Human Impact Partners

Human Impact Partners 
Human Impact Partners challenges the inequities that harm the health of our communities. Through research, advocacy, and capacity building, we help organizations and public agencies who work with low-income communities and communities of color understand the effects of current or proposed projects and policies on community health. And we help them use this information to take action.

Community Participation in Health Impact Assessments: A National Evaluation
This evaluation offers new data related to community participation in the United States-based practice of Health Impact Assessment (HIA). The findings are intended to inform the work of HIA practitioners, but are relevant to all researchers and organizations intending to authentically engage community members in addressing policy, program, or planning solutions, as well as funders of HIA or similar types of community-based participatory research. This evaluation is the first study of its kind to assess:

  • Impact of community participation on HIA values of democracy and health equity, as measured through civic agency
  • Impact of community participation on the success of an HIA

hia webinar

Equity and HIA Webinar
An interactive webinar that introduces the theoretical underpinnings for an equity-focused approach to HIA practice. Participants learn measurable ways to integrate equity into each step of an HIA, as described in the Equity Metrics for Health Impact Assessment Practice, and discuss how an intentional focus on equity changes the approach to conducting an HIA and those engaged in the process.

Equity Metrics for Health Impact Assessment Practice
The SOPHIA Equity Working Group collaborated in a consensus process to develop this set of process and outcome metrics related to promoting equity through HIA. These metrics provide more detail to the HIA Practice Standards5 regarding the incorporation of equity into HIA practice.

Promoting Equity Through HIA
Primer describing strategies that practitioners can take to ensure that the value of equity be meaningfully incorporated into HIA.

Guidance and Best Practices for Stakeholder Participation – 2012
This guide distills stakeholder participation techniques, case studies, and guiding principles from various fields of expertise, including HIA, environmental and social impact assessment, land use and transportation planning, community-based participatory research, and public health.

Roles for Collaborators
Examples of roles for collaborators in the HIA process

Tools and Materials for Stakeholder Engagement