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May 23, 2016 12:58 PMCategory: Physical Activity

Indianapolis’ First Master Pedestrian Plan Moves Indy Forward

Indy walking


d-titleEarlier this month, on May 4th, the Metropolitan Development Commission in Indianapolis voted to adopt the pedestrian plan that was at the center of the work pursued by the Indianapolis Plan4Health coalition, Health by Design. The pedestrian plan provides a guideline for county leaders to follow as they make decisions that improve walkability.


The pedestrian plan was a major component of WalkWays, an initiative to make Indianapolis more walkable and get more people walking. WalkWays seeks to make walking safer, more accessible and inviting for all people in the community. The pedestrian plan is available here, in addition to other resources and events that encourage walking and community walkability.

Learn more about the Plan4Health work in Indianapolis by watching Kim Irwin, director of Health by Design, discuss their work:

Want to hear about other Plan4Health projects? Visit the Peer Learning Network‘s video page to watch other communities speak about their own work to make healthy, vibrant communities.

Image from Plan4Health Indianapolis coalition.