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Infographics (Information Graphics) are visual representations of data, information or knowledge that tell a story through visual communication. Examples of tools to help make your own infographics include:

Let’s Ride! Four Requirements For A Bikeable Community

lets ride info

Farmer’s Market Access May Increase Fruit and Vegetable Consumption

farmers market cdc info

Your Address Can Play an Important Role in How Long You Live and How Healthy You Are

your address info

6 in 10 People Do Not Live Within 1/2 Mile of a Park

6 in 10 info

The Percentage of Kids Walking or Biking to School Has Declined

school declined info

Sidewalks Could Prevent 88% of Crashes that Involve Pedestrians Walking Along a Road

cdc info 2

CDC’s Healthy Community Design Initiative

cdc info 3

CDC’s Built Environment & Health Initiative Saves Lives & Money

CDC infographic 1

Step It Up! Everyone Can Help Make Our Communities More Walkable

step it up infographic

Run Errands On Foot Or Bike – A Remedy for Adult Inactivity

run errands infographic

Physical Activity Builds A Healthy And Strong America 

phys act cdc infographic

Check Out Healthy Retail: Policies that Put Health on the Shelf

change lab healthy retail

Tracking Healthy Food Sales

change lab healthy tracking

Can We Become the Healthiest Nation

nphw infogaphic

Time to Scale Back

time to scale back

The New (Ab)Normal

the new abnormal


The More They Burn, The Better They Learn


Go Light When You Grab a Bite


Screen Time vs. Learn Time


Reaching for Health Equity

health equity infographic

Benefits of Shared Use

shared use infographic