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November 23, 2015 10:27 PMCategory: Physical Activity

Making Streets Safer in St. Louis

The Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Partnership – Active Living Workgroup in St. Louis is using the Plan4Health funding to increase opportunities for physical activity by making city streets safer.

As the coalition noted in its October press release: The City of St. Louis continues to be designated as a Pedestrian Focus City by the Federal Highway Administration because of a high number of pedestrian fatalities. Presenting traffic-calming measures through pop-up traffic-calming tools such as medians, chokepoints, and traffic circles, the HEAL Partnership will help prioritize pedestrian safety with the potential to lead to long-term regional projects in the future.

The HEAL Partnership in partnership with Trailnet have recently hosted four traffic-calming demonstrations — and created this video to help spread the word about traffic calming and to demonstrate the impact of Plan4Health in St. Louis:

Check out a few key steps the coalition took to prepare for the demonstrations:

1. Walk Audits

The coalition not only selected key neighborhoods, but also identified resident needs within the neighborhoods.

walk audit

Trailnet outlined key objectives from walk audits:

  • Ensure participants know what’s working and what’s not for safe walking in their neighborhood.
  • Ensure participants can talk confidently about what needs to be fixed and know how to report it.
  • Ensure participants have identified potential long and short-term projects to improve walkability.

Using information from walk audits, the coalition worked with community members to pinpoint key challenges. Read more about the walk audit experience here!

2. Drafting Plans

draft plan


The coalition worked with the City of St. Louis to receive permits for each demonstration site and to develop plans for the traffic-calming tactics.





From medians to traffic circles to crosswalks, the coalition and community pinpointed particular tactics for each site.




3. Preparing Supplies

It’s no easy feat to prepare for a demonstration — and is a great way to incorporate a little physical activity into your day! The HEAL Partnership choose to use tires as a large part of their lending library because they offered a durable and sustainable way to set up the demonstrations.


tires before tires after

Continue to follow the progress of the Plan4Health project on Trailnet’s blog and the Plan4Health site!

Images from Trailnet.