Plan4Health Mini-Webinars

Many Plan4Health coalitions recorded mini-webinars about their experience with this project, and activities, events, and skills that enhanced their work. The coalitions worked to make healthy food and beverages more accessible in their communities and incorporate physical activity where people live, work and play. We hope that you learn from these experts – and decide to share your knowledge, too!

Austin – Plan4Health Pilot Program

Austin, TX

Learn more about how Austin is implementing a Smart Trips program, improvements to the local food system, and a comprehensive outreach strategy.

B-Well Bensenville

Bensenville, IL

Learn more about this established coalition’s structure and their approach to community engagement, including outreach events and sponsorships.

Healthy Savannah, Inc

Chatham County, GA

Learn more about the importance the coalition has placed on community engagement and outreach to establish and retain partnerships and collaborations.

georgia mini

Healthy Communities

Columbus, IN

Learn more about the coalition’s varied approach to community engagement, which includes holding an open house to gather public input on intersection improvements.

CPH – Chronic Disease Advisory Board
Columbus, OH
Learn more about how the coalition has incorporated sustainability into their strategic planning efforts as well as how they are promoting active transportation.

col oh mini

Capital Region Healthy Communities
Dane County, WI
Learn more about how this coalition has incorporated an Active Living Index and leveraged institutional partnerships and coordinated data analysis.

Health By Design
Indianapolis, IN
Learn more about this diverse coalition’s work and how they developed a unified communications strategy that could be sustained long-term with a focus on the master pedestrian plan and other aspects of the project.


Kane County Planning Cooperative
Kane County, IL
Learn more about the Leader’s Summit that brought together leaders from multiple sectors and how this coalition successfully established new partnerships and the importance of constant inter-organization communication.

Live Well Kingston
Kingston, NY
Learn more about this established coalition and their approach to sustainability, including fundraising strategies, as well as their diverse partnerships and the role of the local hospital.

LWK mini

Kenton County Plan4Health Coalition
Kenton County, KY
Learn more about the coalition’s approach to community engagement and how they administered surveys at corner store patrons and WIC clients at a local health center.

HEAL Active Living Workgroup
St. Louis, MO
Learn more about the coalition’s communications efforts and traffic calming demonstrations as well as how they enlisted the help of local university students.

st louis mini

Inner Core CH Improvement Coalition
Metro Boston, MA
Learn more about how this coalition is working with corner store owners to establish a store owner association to address issues such as procurement and strengthen partnerships.

APA Division – Regional and Intergovernmental Planning
Learn more about regional planning and how to work towards developing lifelong communities for all ages.

regional planning

Plan4Health Summit County
Summit County, OH
Learn more about this coalition’s approach to project management and their reporting process as well as the importance of establishing partnerships.

CDC: Preparing for a Spokesperson Interview
Learn more about key tips to consider when preparing for an interview.

APA Community Planning Assistance Teams
Learn more about APA’s Community Planning Assistance Teams programs and what they have to offer as well as insight on the importance of community engagement.

CDC: Who Are Your Audiences
Learn more about key tips to consider when trying to reach different audiences.

Idaho Plan4Health Coalition
Boise, ID
Learn more about how this coalition used neighborhood level data and surveys to leverage partnerships to address issues related to food security and access.

Healthy Communities
Columbus, IN
Learn more about the coalition’s structure and approach to community engagement as well as the importance of community and municipal partnerships.

col IN mini 2

EHHD CH Action Response Team
Eastern Highlands, CT
Learn how these rural communities have incorporated sustainability into their work and used data to inform their decisions and help develop a Planning and Zoning Toolkit.

EHHD mini web

Kenton County Plan4Health Coalition
Kenton County, KY
Learn more about how the coalition utilized a community-based marketing approach to develop bi-lingual signage to be displayed in corner stores  that targets both adults and children.

Kenton County, Plan4Health Coalition
Kenton County, KY
Learn more about the coalition’s outreach approach, including the application process and recruitment materials, for their corner store program.

Plan4Health Nashua
Nashua, NH
Learn more about the coalition’s level of traffic stress analysis and how their communications and outreach efforts provided critical biking and walking data.


APA Division – New Urbanism
Learn more about new urbanism and how it incorporates active transportation and bicycle and pedestrian safety considerations and how to promote these concepts through storytelling.

bicycle urbanism 3

APHA National Public Health Week
Learn more about National Public Health Week, and the many different ways that you can get involved. Learn about events, how to become a partner, and other NPHW resources.

nphw screen shot

CDC: Steps to a Social Math Equation
Learn four simple steps to creating social math equations.

Active Transportation Community of Interest

Pierce County, WA

Learn about how this coalition used interviews and organizational mapping to increase opportunities for physical activity.

Plan4Health Tarrant County

Tarrant County, TX
Life a More Colorful Life Campaign: Learn about how this coalition implemented a comprehensive communications campaign to support its healthy corner store initiative.

Tarrant County, TX

Civic Engagement: Learn more about how this coalition supports civic engagement on local Planning and Zoning Commissions.

Pathways to Health

Tulsa County, OK

Learn more about how this coalition transformed play deserts into places to play through shared use.

Mount Hope Coalition to Increase Food Security

Mount Hope, RI

Learn more about how this coalition increased food security by empowering community health workers.

Umatilla County Plan4Health

Umatilla County, OR

Learn more about how this coalition completed a community needs and readiness assessment.

Kentucky Coalition for Healthy Communities

Exurban Louisville, KY

Learn more about how this coalition leveraged innovative partnerships to sustain its community garden work.

Healthy Communities Coalition of Colorado

Eagle County, CO

Learn about how this coalition fostered more inclusive community engagement and strengthened cross-sector partnerships.

Delaware Coalition for Healthy Eating and Active Living

Kent County, DE

Learn about how this coalition developed a health equity measure and engaged community members in planning charrettes.

Healthy Communities Coalition

Greater Helena, MT

Learn more about how this coalition developed an active living wayfinding system for all trail users and completed walk audits from community members.

Centralina Health Solutions Coalition

Mecklenburg County, NC

Learn more about how to conduct a walk audit with your community.

Baltimore Greenway Trails Coalition

Baltimore, MD

Learn more about integrating a trail network into existing community plans.