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Bike Ajo

The Bike Ajo coalition is working to improve access to opportunities for physical activity by creating a sustainable cycling hub that provides education on bicycle safety for recreation and transportation; trains local community members on bicycle repair, provides resources for bicycle repair and maintenance, certifies community members as League-Certified Cycling Instructors, and builds health-based partnerships with local Ajo organizations. Through building this capacity in the local community in a sustainable way, Ajo will be able to leverage this capacity to create                                                                                                           economic growth through cycling, and we will create a replicable model for other rural communities interested in                                                                                                         embracing cycling for transportation, recreation, and as an economic driver.

Each coalition created a Community Action Plan to enable the coalition to complete targeted and specified goals related to their Plan4Health grant activities.

The Bike Ajo coalition completed a community needs assessment to evaluate the assets and barriers to cycling for health, recreation, and economic development in Ajo, Arizona. The target population was the total population of Ajo, amounting to approximately 3,700 people. Surveys, a literature review, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis, road bike assessment and a Safe Routes to School assessment.

Development of a Rural Cycling Hub with resources for cycling, which included helmets, bicycles, LCIs (League Cycling Instructors), or health careers club. The hub is available to to all Ajo residents and visitors and the resources are available at two community locations, the Ajo Unified School District and the Desert Senita Community Health Center. These resources expanded and strenghtened the Bike Ajo Coalition to ensure that the resources from the cycling hub are available to all Ajo residents and winter visitors and tourists.

Bike Ajo held a series of designed classes and community events to provide information about the work of the Bike Ajo coalition.  These classes and community events focused on different types of information related to biking and cycling. These class topics were:

  • Bike ability assessments
  • Traffic skills
  • Bike repair and mechanics
  • Helmet fittings
  • First bike rides
  • Bike cleaning and repairs
  • Safe Routes to Schools
  • Biking programs at schools in the Unified School District for students
  • Diabetes and bicycling connection
  • Desert bike rides

These classes and community events built the skills and knowledge of community members about the benefits and accessibility of bicycling in the Ajo community.The involvement and outreach to students involved creation of health careers clubs at local high schools in the Ajo Unified School District with a focus on diabetes and cycling.


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Coalition Members

American Planning Association, Arizona Chapter
Arizona Public Health Association
The University of Arizona, Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health
The University of Arizona, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences, Mexican American Studies
Pima County Department of Transportation
Desert Senita Community Health Center
Creative Narrations
Pima County Bicycle and Pedestrian Program
Pima County Parks and Recreation
Ajo Unified School District
Roadrunner Bikes
Perimeter Bicycling Association of America
Southeast Arizona Area Health Education Center International Sonoran Desert Alliance
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
Pima County Sheriff Auxillary Volunteers, Inc.
Authentically Ajo Farmer’s Market