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Austin – Plan4Health Pilot Program

Austin’s Plan4Health Pilot program, launched by the City of Austin (Texas), sought to increase physical activity and improve the local sustainable food system. Through collaborative efforts, the initiative implemented a community-wide program to encourage the use of active transportation (bike, walk, transit) and to increase access to healthy eating through neighborhood engagement and outreach. Check out the program summary and timeline and see below to learn more about these efforts:

Austin Smart Trips
Austin Smart Trips aims to reduce drive-alone trips and increase walking, biking and public transit use to access work sites, schools, recreation, shopping and medical facilities. Currently focused in North Central Austin, the primary goal of the pilot program is to help people get daily physical activity through active transportation such as transit, walking or bicycling. Participation can help Austinites increase fitness, save money, reduce traffic congestion, and help maintain a livable environment. Check out the Austin Smart Trips Team Training from April 2016 and bookmark the Smart Trips Austin Blog to stay up-to-date on news and events.

Neighborhood Food Systems Planning
A  Neighborhood Food Systems Planning process is currently being piloted in North Central Austin, using community engagement and outreach to identify strategies and tactics that will improve access to healthy and local foods. Through the planning process, neighborhood residents will have the opportunities and information necessary to access food that is nutritious, affordable, and culturally appealing.

The word clouds, below, capture key words that describe these efforts:

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Learn more about our impact:

Success Story: April 2016                                Success Story: September 2015                Mini-webinar                                                        Smart Trips Austin: Team Training    

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Toolkit for Conducting Community                  Food for All:
Conversations on Food                                             Inclusive Neighborhood Food Planning in North Austin

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Coalition Members:

City of Austin: Planning
City of Austin:  Zoning
City of Austin: Health and Human Services
City of Austin: Parks and Recreation
City of Austin: Office of Sustainability
City of Austin: Public Work
City of Austin: Transportation
Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Texas Public Health Association
American Planning Association Texas Chapter


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