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Kane County Planning Cooperative

The Kane County (Illinois) Planning Cooperative was created as the central core of the 2040 Plan’s implementation strategies and has the focus of planning for the 2040 Plan’s overarching theme, Healthy People, Healthy Living and Healthy Communities. Through Plan4Health, the Cooperative seeks to expand and build partnerships beyond geographic borders to address inactivity and unhealthy diets by integrating health, transportation, and land use planning efforts. Strategies include advancing leadership, conducting food feasibility studies, implementing the Fit Kids plan, and assisting local governments with walkability studies in specific at-risk neighborhoods.

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Success Story: April 2016                                        Success Story: September 2015                         Mini-webinar

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Food Hub Feasibility Study Toolkit



Matt Tansley discusses how Plan4Health is increasing
accessing to nutritious food in Kane County, IL.                                                                Kane County Community Gardens


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Coalition Members:

Illinois Chapter of the American Planning Association
Illinois Public Health Association
Kane County Development and Community Services Department
Kane County Division of Transportation
Kane County Fit for Kids
Kane County Health Department

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