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Kenton County Plan4Health Coalition

kenton p4hThe Kenton County (Kentucky) Plan4Health Coalition (KCP4H) is working to provide access to nutritious food across the county. The Kenton County PLAN4Health Coalition is currently pursuing 4 initiatives: (1) a countywide assessment of food deserts—underserved neighborhoods with little or no access to healthy food due to mobility, availability, affordability, or a combination of the three; (2) a healthy corner store program aimed at providing healthier food options with urban corner stores; (3) a countywide outreach campaign to educate members of the public about healthy food options and; (4) forming a food policy working group in Kenton County to pursue future work related to food access.

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Success Story: April 2016                        Success Story: September 2015                Home Gardens Flyer                                                 Healthy Corner Store Application

kenton series 2                                  Kenton                                        kenton-flyer                                  healthy-corner-store-application

Mini-webinar:                                                               Mini-webinar:                                                               Mini-webinar:                                                              Mini-webinar:
Community-based marketing                            GIS Mapping & Data Analysis                             Community engagement                                      Outreach & Recruitment

kenton mini 3                               kenton mini analysis                              kenton mini community                              kenton mini hcs


Emi Randall, AICP, Director of Planning and Zoning at Planning                                                                                        Travis Miller discusses the Plan4Health coalition’s
and Development Services of Kenton County, KY.                                                                                                                      work in Kenton County, KY


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Coalition Members:

Center for Great Neighborhoods of Covington, Inc.
Kentucky Chapter of the American Planning Association
Northern Kentucky Health Department
OKI Regional Council of Governments
Planning & Development Services of Kenton County

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