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November 18, 2015 3:36 PMCategory: Nutrition, Physical Activity

Plan4Health Stories of Success

It wasn’t long ago that Plan4Health coalitions began to implement project strategies and it’s been exciting to see all of the progress that has been made. To highlight the great work that’s being done, success stories were made for all 18 coalitions. Each story, as well as one from the national partnership between APA and APHA, can be found here.

Successes come in all shapes and sizes–and could be as a result of things going according to plan or by way of an unexpected development. Successfully engaging community members, establishing new partnerships, developing resources… and the list goes on. We are excited to share positive changes from across the country!

Here are just a few of the successes from Plan4health coalitions so far:

Bensenville, Illinois

Bensenville group snippedTo help address physical activity in their community, the B-Well Bensenville coalition launched a community-wide survey as an initial step to determining specific policy recommendations and to prioritizing community change. The survey was developed by key coalition members and represented the strength of the collaboration between planners and public health professionals. The survey assessed how residents currently get to grocery stores, libraries, work, and trails as well as how they would like to get to these destinations. The results demonstrated the coalition’s commitment to reach more vulnerable groups by the exceptionally high response rate from Spanish-speaking community members! Read more…

Dane County, Wisconsin

dane county bike mapThe Dane County Capital Region Healthy Communities initiative has begun work on developing an Active Living Index, a data tool to educate decision-makers and empower planning and public health professionals. This comprehensive data tool will focus on understanding the local experiences in a diverse selection of Dane County communities. The index itself represents the combination of planning and public health perspectives and a continuum of pilot experiences is being developed in hopes that these efforts could be replicated throughout Wisconsin. Read more…

Eastern Highlands, Connecticut

eddhd snippedThe Eastern Highlands Health District Community Action Response Team (CHART) launched its project with a combination of key informant interviews and focus groups. The coalition diligently cataloged the experiences of local Planning and Zoning Commissioners in the 10-town district through qualitative analysis. Rooting the initial development of the toolkit in interviews clarified the local perception of planning and public health – and highlighted the opportunities for expanding the shared understanding of how the built environment is able to shape biking, walking and playing opportunities. Even in this initial project period, the partnership between planners and public health professionals has been strengthened: five planners have joined the CHART coalition, excited about the possibilities of improving both the built environment and public health. Read more…

Boise, Idaho

boise exampleWith equity in mind, the coalition is focused on the most vulnerable residents. The coalition has strengthened its understanding of food and nutrition systems as a means to improving residents’ quality of life, and has helped to link existing organizations and initiatives to work in concert on shared issues. Additionally, the coalition has increased local understanding about methods for and the importance of working with residents to assess their food and nutrition landscape, and identified significant data and information gaps that partners can work to address. Through its partnerships, Idaho Plan4Health has been able to draw on expertise and resources from local health systems, parks and recreation programs, social science researchers, planners, transportation specialists, public health professionals, education teams, and neighborhood leaders as well as national experts. Read more…

We look forward to what’s next for our coalitions. Stay tuned for more successes from Plan4Health!