Plan4Health Success Stories

Learn more about the Plan4Health coalitions and their success by viewing the series’ of success stories and fact sheets below. These stories include brief summaries of the project, the challenges and solutions each coalition faces, the results of their work, and more. Success stories for the national partnership are available as well.

Bike Ajo Coalition
Ajo, AZ

Learn how this coalition addressed barriers and promoted biking in the community as part of their efforts to increase physical activity.



arizona fact sheet

Austin: Plan4Health Pilot Program
Austin, TX

Learn how this coalition leveraged partnerships and developed a Smart Trips program and a comprehensive neighborhood food plan.

austin ss pic

Austin Success series 2

Baltimore Greenway Trails Coalition
Baltimore, MD

Learn how this coalition has increased opportunities for active transportation by improving the built environment.



Baltimore fact sheet

B-Well Bensenville Coalition
Bensenville, IL

Learn how this coalition developed an Active Transportation Plan and Complete Streets policy to ensure that all residents can travel safely.

Bensenville series 2


Idaho Plan4Health Coalition
Boise, ID

Learn how this coalition has used data and leveraged partnerships to address the needs of the community and improve food access.

Boise series 2


Healthy Savannah, Inc.
Chatham County, GA

Learn how this coalition has launched a mobile market and used key partnerships to improve the availability of healthy food options.

savannah series 2


DE HEAL Coalition
City of Dover / Kent Co., DE

Learn how this coalition implemented charrettes to inform the planning process and guide updates to their comprehensive plan.



DE Fact sheet picture

Health Communities
Columbus, IN

Learn how this coalition has leveraged partnerships and created tools to improve bike and pedestrian friendliness in the community.

columbus IN series 2

Columbus IN

CPH-Chronic Dis. Advisory Board
Columbus, OH

Learn how this coalition implemented Safe Routes to School strategies and have worked with businesses to institute bike-friendly policies.

Columbus OH series 2

Columbus OH

Capital Region Healthy Communities
Dane County, WI

Learn how this coalition developed the Active Living Index to better understand local conditions and used data to inform future decisions.

dane county series 2


Healthy Communities Coalition
Eagle County, CO

Learn how this coalition conducted a policy scan of comprehensive plans to better inform future recommendations to improve health.


eagle county fact sheet pic


Eastern Highlands, CT

Learn how this coalition developed a toolkit that empowers users to be more physically active and to engage in the decision making process.

Con series 2


Exurban Louisville, KY

Learn how this coalition launched county walking challenges and leveraged partnerships to promote physical activity in the community.



kentucky fact sheet pic

Healthy Communities Coalition
Greater Helena, MT

Learn how this coalition is using data to help inform and develop an Active Wayfinding System to increase accessibility in their community.



Montana fact sheet pic

Health by Design
Indianapolis, IN

Learn how this coalition is leveraging partnerships and incorporating research and local data to develop a master pedestrian plan.

indy series 2


Jackson Co. Healthy Communities
Jackson County, IL

Learn how this rural coalition is coordinating existing work and developing new programs and community plans.



jackson county fact sheet pic

Kane County Planning Cooperative
Kane County, IL

Learn about this coalition’s food hub feasibility study their use of farmers markets and mobile food demonstrations to reach their community.

kane county series 2

Kane County

Kenton County P4H Coalition
Kenton County, KY

Learn how this coalition has improved access to healthy foods through a healthy corner store program that included feedback from the community and consumers.

kenton series 2


Live Well Kingston
Kingston, NY

Learn how this coalition used focus teams to implement a wide array of strategies focused on creating a healthier community.

kingston series 2


Plan4Health Lake County
Lake County, OH

Learn how this coalition is helping target communities develop and implement Community Health Action Plans and establish best practices.



summit series 2

Planning Healthy Iowa Communities
Linn County, IA

Learn how this coalition is developing partnerships and working creating standards for active living and biophilic design.

iowa series 2


Centralina Health Solutions
Mecklenburg, NC

Learn how this coalition is empowering residents to overcome barriers to physical activity as part of their efforts to create a healthier community.


north carolina face sheet pic

north carolina face sheet pic

ICCHI Coalition
Metro Boston, MA

Learn how this coalition established a corner store association and is piloting a healthy checkout to improve healthy food access.

boston series 2


Coalition to Increase Food Security
Mount Hope, RI

Learn how this coalition has used the development of a community garden to bring people together and increase access to healthy food.


RI fact sheet pic

RI fact sheet pic

Plan4Health Nashua
Nashua, NH

Learn how this coalition used community data to inform the development of a comprehensive Complete Streets Guide.

nashua series 2


Active Transportation COI
Pierce County, WA

Learn how this coalition is working with communities on a variety of active transportation initiatives, including Safe Routes to School.



washington face sheet pic

Design 4 Active Sacramento
Sacramento, CA

Learn how this coalition is engaging partners to ensure that health is a consideration in future policy recommendations and strategies.



sacramento fact sheet pic

Health in Planning Coalition
Shawano & Menominee, WI

Learn how this coalition has surveyed the community to obtain data to help inform future decisions for improvements to the food system.



wisconsin fact sheet pic

HEAL Active Living Workgoup
St. Louis, MO

Learn how this coalition conducted walk audits, traffic calming demonstrations and created a lending library to show how spaces can be made safe for pedestrians.

st louis series 2

St Louis

Plan4Health Summit County
Summit County, OH

Learn how this coalition implemented Safe Routes to School, Complete Streets, and partnered with corner stores and expanded community gardens.

Summit County

summit series 2

Plan4Health Tarrant County
Tarrant County, TX

Learn how this coalition has partnered with local corner stores and is setting up healthy food carts and mobile markets to increase access to healthy foods.


tarant fact sheet pic


Thomas County Coalition
Thomas County, KS

Learn how this coalition has established community gardens, passed a Complete Streets resolution and more to create a healthier community.



thomas county fact sheet pic

Trenton Healthy Communities
Trenton, NJ

Learn how this coalition developed a Health and Food System Element for the city’s Master Plan that can be use as a model throughout the state.

trenton series 2


Pathways to Health
Tulsa, OK

Learn how this coalition has explored shared use agreements to improve access to physical activity and about their work to establish a Food Forest.


tulsa fact sheet pic


Umatilla County P4H Initiative
Umatilla County, OR

Learn how this coalition has worked to obtain members and how they held a workshop to generate ideas on how to increase physical activity and access to healthy foods.


umatilla fact sheet pic


Plan4Health National Partnership

Plan4Health project and how APA and APHA support the efforts of the 35 coalitions involved and works to raise awareness through a shared communications plan.

national series 2