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Prevention Institute
Prevention Institute synthesizes research and practice; develops prevention tools and frameworks; helps design and guide interdisciplinary partnerships; and conducts training and strategic consultation with government, foundations, and community-based organizations nationwide and internationally. Prevention Institute maintains a core focus on promoting health equity and primary emphases include preventing violence, traffic injuries, and chronic disease.

Developing Effective Coalitions: An 8 Step Guide
This paper attempts to give structure to a process that is somewhat variable. Therefore, this paper is to be used as a general guide. Each group will find ways of interpreting the eight steps to best suit its own needs. The particular details of the solutions arrived at by each coalition will be unique.

The Tension of Turf: Making it Work for the Coalition
This paper builds upon the article Developing Effective Coalitions: An Eight Step Guide 2 and responds to a concern repeatedly encountered in training on this approach, a concern generally described as among the hardest issues faced in collaborating: turf struggle. Turf struggles are a common threat to coalition vitality. In fact, for some people, turf is seen as the largest barrier to coalition success. Coalition leaders are often fearful of dealing with turf issues and some coalition members sit frustrated, on the sidelines, as others compete or argue.This paper offers a different, and ultimately more realistic perspective on dealing with issues of turf. Concerns about turf are natural and common within coalitions and should be acknowledged rather than ignored. Solutions to turf issues should aim to blend the pursuit of individual interests with the greater goals of the coalition.

Collaboration Multiplier
Collaboration Multiplier is an interactive framework and tool for analyzing collaborative efforts across fields. It is designed to guide an organization to a better understanding of which partners it needs and how to engage them, or to facilitate organizations that already work together in identifying activities to achieve a common goal, identify missing sectors that can contribute to a solution, delineate partner perspectives and contributions, and leverage expertise and resources. Using Collaboration Multiplier can help lay the foundation for shared understanding and common ground across all partners.

Collaboration Assessment Tool
This tool helps individuals and coalitions identify specific strengths and areas of growth and enables partnerships to subsequently establish a baseline and gauge their progress via periodic checks on domains of effective collaboration.

Making the Case Through Media Advocacy: A Toolkit
This toolkit provides a compilation of tips and talking points for making the case for community prevention. They are based on Prevention Institute’s daily analysis of how the media is (and isn’t) framing community prevention. Using this information, you can expand and shift the frame of how the media depicts community prevention, to ensure that the whole picture is shown and that community prevention is framed accurately and comprehensively.