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December 29, 2016 1:41 PMCategory: Health Equity

Resources – What’s available on the Plan4Health website?

As 2016 draws to a close, Plan4Health continues to share new resources, news, and information about the project on the website. The website contains dedicated pages for each coalition as well as information on the national partnership between APA and APHA and a library of resources. A key aspect of the project is making sure the Plan4Health coalitions and other planning and public health professionals have the tools and resources they need to support innovative, sustainable work in local communities across the country. Here is a refresher on what types of resources are available and how to locate them.

First things first – where can you find this information? And what types of resources are available?

p4h resource


When visiting the Plan4Health website, the Resources tab is in the middle of the main menu near the top of the screen, shown here.




Once selected, you will be taken to the Resources homepage, shown below. Here, you will be able to scroll down and find links to sub-pages for national project partners, the CDC, and other groups and organizations, among other things.

p4h resources

What types of resources are available? Let’s use the CDC as an example.

The link to the CDC sub-page is located on the main resources page.

cdc resource pic

By selecting the link, circled above, you will be directed to the CDC sub-page, shown below. Here you will find links and descriptions to divisions, guides, tools, reports, infographics, videos and more! Below you’ll see two examples of how the information is presented.

cdc sub piccdc sub 2


This is just one example of what’s available. We are continually updating the website and encourage everyone to check back often. As always, if there are any additional resources that you think would be beneficial and useful, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you!