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Sustainability Resources

Sustainability is a community’s ongoing capacity to resolve to work together to establish, advance, and maintain effective strategies that continuously improve health and quality of life for all.

Plan4Health Sustainability Checklist
This checklist is organized around four key areas and is designed to offer a variety of tactics that will sustain the work of the coalition.

Sustainability Beyond Funding 

This presentation will discuss sustainability beyond financial considerations, such as coalition sustainability, communications approaches, and cultural and political considerations.

View the slides and download the CDC Sustainability Guide and Plan4Health Sustainability Checklist.

sustainability webinar

Planning for Sustainability
Sponsored by the American Public Health Association and American Planning Association, this webinar features the Institute for Public Health Innovation and will cover the sustainability planning process for Plan4Health grantees. After attending the webinar, participants will understand the key steps in sustainability planning process, why sustainability planning matters, hear real-life examples from the field, and take away actionable steps for how to sustain work beyond the Plan4Health grant period. View slides:Part 1 and Part 2.

planning for sustainability

Sustaining Your Community Health Improvement Efforts
This webinar will provide awardees with key steps and strategies for sustaining community health policy, systems, and environmental improvements. Presenters will discuss how funding and other diverse resources can sustain projects beyond the funding period. Presenters will also discuss key considerations that should be made now, during the implementation phase, to help ensure that community interventions make a long-term impact.

sustainability webinar

A Sustainability Planning Guide for Healthy Communities
The Sustainability Planning Guide is a synthesis of science- and practice-based evidence designed to help coalitions, public health professionals, and other community stakeholders develop, implement, and evaluate a successful sustainability plan. The Guide provides a process for sustaining policy strategies and related activities, introduces various approaches to sustainability, and demonstrates sustainability planning in action with real-life examples.