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October 20, 2015 4:14 PMCategory: Physical Activity

Tactical Urbanism or What To Do with Spare Tires

Tactical urbanism is an exciting way to engage community members and demonstrate alternatives to existing public spaces.

As APA’s Senior Research Associate David Morley, AICP, notes in his recently published PAS QuickNotes on tactical urbanism: “In a time when many local governments are expected to ‘do more with less,’ it makes sense to explore low-cost temporary interventions before committing to costly permanent changes.”

The Healthy Eating, Active Living Partnership (HEAL) is a member of the Plan4Health community — and is using tactical urbanism as a way to spark change in St. Louis. Trailnet, a key coalition member, has identified traffic calming sites, keeping a photo diary of their work.

As Grace Kyung from Trailnet notes in her post Plan4Health Traffic Calming Library Update: “The Plan4Health grant has further helped spur new projects for Trailnet to promote pop-up traffic calming demonstrations. This purple crosswalk is one of the many changes we envision and hope to occur from our pop-up traffic calming demonstrations.”

For more updates — and colorful photos! — from the Plan4Health project in St. Louis check out the Trailnet blog page.

Images: Tactical urbanism events in the Fox Park neighborhood in St. Louis. Photos from Trailnet.

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