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December 15, 2016 9:00 AMCategory: Health Equity, Nutrition

Tarrant County, TX Ramey Market Mural Unveiling

On Saturday, December 10, 2016, we unveiled a beautiful new mural that has been painted on the east wall of Ramey Market, in the Stop Six neighborhood.

The mural was designed and painted by the senior art students at Dunbar High School. The students developed four designs which were blended to create a mural celebrating their school, their neighborhood, and their corner store.

Through this project new bridges were built between the store’s new owners, the Dunbar High School administration and students, and the Stop Six community.

Dignitaries on hand Saturday to applaud the students and store included Mayor Betsy Price, Council Member Gyna Bivens, Chief of Police Joel Fitzgerald, FWISD Superintendent Kent Scribner, FWISD Trustee Christene Moss, Dunbar Principal SaJade Miller, Dunbar Vice Principal Maron McWilliams.

The student artists seemed genuinely in awe that so many important people took time out to attend this ceremony and say such kind words on a cold, blustery day. They are rightfully very proud of their work.

Ramey Market is working with the Plan4Health Tarrant County project to become the first healthy corner store in Tarrant County. We are working to increase access to healthier foods in underserved parts of East and Southeast Fort Worth through pilot healthy corner stores, a mobile fresh market, and produce push cart pilots.

Plan4Health Tarrant County is a collaborative partnership between Healthy Tarrant County Collaboration, Blue Zones Project, Tarrant County Public Health, UTA Institute of Urban Studies, APA Texas Chapter, and Texas Public Health Association.

Additional partners in the mural project included Home Depot, Historic Stop Six Initiative, East Division of Fort Worth Police Department, and the Fort Worth Chapter of the International Association of Black Professional Firefighters.


Prep work started on November 12, 2016. Students, police, and others came together to help.


After a base coat was applied, a professional muralist turned the students’ concept into an outline on the wall.


Four police officers stood on roof holding up the drape, and on command they let it drop.  Cars driving by were trying to figure out why all those police were up on the roof!


Final product is the result of four designs the students created, which connect their school (DHS), Ramey Market, the Stop Six community, and healthy eating.  After the ceremony, the students signed their names in the white “sidewalk” leading to the entrance of the store — this is on the right side of the mural next to the big face.


Folks from Fort Worth Police Department, Dunbar, Blue Zones Project, and Historic Stop Six Initiative


Standing in the parking lot just east of the mural, with one of our billboards in the background.  The folks in front are holding our “walking billboards” (t-shirts we are distributing to community influencers to wear regularly).


Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald handing his personal contact information to one of the people at the event. He wrote his personal cell phone number on the card.


Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price with Tarrant County College Trustee Gwendolyn Morrison.


Left to right: Dunbar HS Art Instructor Devyn Gaudet, Mayor Betsy Price, Council Member Gyna Bivens.


The student artists with their instructor Devyn Gaudet, Mayor Betsy Price, Council Member Givens.


Dr. Kent Scribner with Mayor Price.


This post was written by an HTCC Steering Committee member. All photos were taken by Carol Murray, APR,  the Marketing Communications Manager for the Blue Zones Project – Fort Worth.

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