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August 28, 2015 5:46 PMCategory: Physical Activity

The Bike-Share Boom


In just a few years, bike-share programs have popped up in cities across the world. It is estimated that by 2017, a majority of the world’s population will live in cities, so bike-shares are becoming more relevant to more people each and every day.

Densely populated cities have catalyzed the recent bike-share boom and have encouraged people and planners to use and develop infrastructure for alternative modes of transportation — like bicycles.

The Atlantic’s City Lab blog created an interactive timeline that outlines the evolution of the bike-shares we know and use today. Bike-share trips replace the use of cars or taxis, increase physical activity rates, and help to reduce harmful air pollution.

We love bike-shares because they help to improve public health, find one near you!

Image from Pixabay