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Smoke-free Environments

American Lung Association
The American Lung Association is the leading organization working to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease through Education, Advocacy and Research. With the generous support of the public, we are “Fighting for Air.” When you join the American Lung Association in the fight for healthy lungs and healthy air, you help save lives today and keep America healthy tomorrow.

At QuitDay, our mission is to help people add 10 healthy years to their lives. Smoking and tobacco addiction reduces quality of life for millions of people each year. Our team strives to inspire people to quit smoking, and have a positive impact on the lives of their loved ones and their children.

Quit Smoking Community
Quit Smoking Community is a virtual community that offers support and information for those trying to kick the deadliest habit in the world. Our vision for Quit Smoking Community is to provide a hub where visitors can access information regarding quitting smoking, as well as download resources and tools to help them begin and complete their quit journey.

MMWR – Tobacco Use Among High School Athletes
Today, CDC released a new report, “Combustible and Smokeless Tobacco Use Among High School Athletes — United States, 2001–2013” in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. A press release is available in English and Spanish.

Social Media Content and Images for Tobacco Prevention and Control
The CDC Tobacco Free Facebook page and Media Campaign Resource Center has many images that are available for use on social media. Also attached are sample social media posts and images related to Healthy Aging Month.

FDA Exchange Lab
The Exchange Lab from the Center for Tobacco Products at the Food and Drug Administration has a variety of tobacco-related content for use on websites, social media sites, and applications. Users must register and then sign in to get the code for your use.

Key Facts: Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS)
This resource outlines key facts about ENDS use, health effects, marketing and policy implications.

E-cigarette Information
This resource outlines examples of how e-cigarettes could benefit or harm the public’s health, with separate discussions regarding youth, non-pregnant adult smokers, pregnant women and adult non-tobacco users. This complements the ENDS Key Fact sheet.

Smoke-Free Ordinance Business Toolkit (New Orleans)
This toolkit is intended to assist you in understanding and complying with the ordinance, as well as educating others about the ordinance. The toolkit includes an overview of the ordinance and FAQs, an implementation checklist, a model “no smoking or vaping” sign, employee training material, resources to help smokers quit, and more.

Community-Based Interventions to Decrease Obesity and Tobacco Exposure and Reduce Health Care Costs: Outcome Estimates From Communities Putting Prevention to Work for 2010-2020
In 2010, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) launched Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW), a $485 million program to reduce obesity, tobacco use, and exposure to secondhand smoke. CPPW awardees implemented evidence-based policy, systems, and environmental changes to sustain reductions in chronic disease risk factors. This article describes short-term and potential long-term benefits of the CPPW investment.