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Safe Routes to Parks

Access to green space ties directly to a person’s health and well-being—a connection now widely supported by evidence and accepted by policy makers. Today, ensuring access to green space for all people is a value that should be shared by every resident, community group, and government official.  The Safe Routes to Parks toolkit includes resources for facilitating access to parks through walking, biking, or transit.

Safe Routes to Parks in your Community Webinar
The webinar features four speakers that dive deeper into strategies to analyze park access and provides insight into what could work in your community. Strategies include: Assessment/Gap Analysis, Siting, Capital Improvement program and Partnerships.

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Safe Routes to Parks Fact Sheet
This fact sheet provides planning strategies and examples on how to incorporate safer routes to parks in your community by breaking each strategy down into The Park, Park Access, and Infrastructure.

Additional Resources:

Change Lab Solutions Complete Parks Playbook
The Complete Parks Playbook provides an overview of the seven elements of a complete parks system. Each section focuses on an element, and includes both a successful community example of that element and a list of valuable resources.

Safe Routes to Parks Report
This resource from the National Recreation and Parks Association is a 12-page document that looks at assessing parks and their access barriers, along with strategies to engage the community for support.

National Recreation and Parks Association’s Walking Initiatives
This page provides an extensive list of websites and downloadable resources.

Trust for Public Land’s Parks for People Program
This initiative works with communities to ensure that everyone has parks, gardens, playgrounds, trails, and other natural places within a ten-minute walk from home.

City Parks Forum Briefing Papers
A series of briefing papers to support mayors, their parks advisors, private sector parks advocates, planners, and others in promoting parks and ensuring an urban parks legacy across the country

The Role of Parks and Recreation in Planning for Health Webinar
Park and recreation departments have many roles to play in promoting public health, active living, and community development. Increasingly, planners, park departments, and public health professionals are working together to improve park and recreation facilities through smart planning and creative funding streams. In this webinar, representatives from urban park systems in Los Angeles and Miami will discuss innovations they are making in planning parks for health, and how their approach can lead to successes in your community. The session will offer advanced training for professionals from planning, health, and parks and recreation.

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