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December 22, 2015 8:31 PMCategory: Physical Activity

Transit Adventures in Austin

IMG_2112Austin’s Plan4Health Pilot Program has demonstrated an exceptional ability to engage community partners and achieve cross-sector buy-in throughout the community. City staff were invited to attend a local neighborhood association meeting and spoke about different opportunities within the community — including some creative new ideas, like transit adventures.

Here’s a scenario: You need to get downtown but don’t own a car. You know that public transportation can likely get you there, but you’re unsure of where to go or what the process is for taking the bus or metro.

This scenario is all too real for many residents.

Transit opportunities and resources that residents are unfamiliar with, uncomfortable using, or perceive as being inaccessible can be a large barrier to living a healthy life — but a barrier that can be overcome!

This is where a transit adventure can help.

IMG_2119On a Saturday morning in December, five families with met city staff, including a translator, at a predetermined location with a bus stop nearby so that they could take public transportation to a holiday event downtown. With staff and a translator on hand, participants were able to learn more about how the streets and transit system work together to connect Austin, gain first-hand experience with using public transportation and celebrate the holidays with family and new friends! Additional transit adventures are being planned in the near future with neighboring communities.

Opportunities like this can help empower residents to explore and be more engaged within the community!

The work being done by Austin’s Plan4Health Pilot Program isn’t all transit adventures and holiday events. Check out Austin’s coalition page to learn more about their work and read about their successes!

Images from Ivonne Natal