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February 16, 2016 9:00 AMCategory: Physical Activity

Walk This Way

Sacramento_walk blogWALKSacramento and the Design 4 Active Sacramento Coalition are working on multiple fronts to improve walkability and health across South Sacramento neighborhoods.

The Plan4Health coalition’s efforts are enhanced and complemented by the California Endowment’s work to improve the health of 14 challenged communities across the state of California through their Building Healthy Communities initiative.

Collaborating with community members, local health advocates, and design professionals, WALKSacramento will use Plan4Health funds to work with residents to look at streets through an active transportation and health lens.

The coalition will address challenging and dangerous intersections with community members by finding opportunities to add light fixtures, bicycle lanes, safer crossing opportunities, and protected sidewalks.

In partnership with the Building Healthy Communities initiative, WALKSacramento will also seek to improve health through a targeted education and outreach strategy aimed to encourage residents to be more active. Finally, through advocacy trainings, this effort will focus on helping residents find their voice in the planning and decision-making processes around healthy communities.

The partnership between Plan4Health and Building Healthy Communities is centered on the goal of building communities that are mixed use, safer, and healthier for Sacramento residents to live in.

According to Kirin Kumar, project manager at WALKSacramento, “We want to get planners and health professionals to have more effective conversations with each other on how to incorporate public health into the planning process, and we want to encourage advocacy for healthy communities. We want everyone to have communities that are planned for health.”

Read more about the work under way in Sacramento in this article. Visit the Building Healthy Communities Hub and the Plan4Health website to learn more about these initiatives.


February is American Heart Month — a great time to seek out active transportation options! Did you know that 80 percent of heart disease and strokes may be prevented by lifestyle changes? Increase daily activity by parking your car a little farther away from your destination, taking the stairs to your office, or taking a brisk walk at lunch.


Image from WALKSacramento.