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February 1, 2016 10:00 AMCategory: Nutrition

Walkability and Local Food Production in Atlanta


The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) is championing efforts to link planning and public health by developing pedestrian-friendly streets and supporting local food production to improve connectivity and quality of life for people of all ages.

In this mini-webinar, Manager Dan Reuter and Principal Planner Allison Duncan of the Community Development division of the ARC speak about the history of growth in Atlanta and the challenges the city now faces — as well as the successful changes they have implemented.

The perspectives that Reuter and Duncan bring are informed not only by their experiences in Atlanta, but also by their APA Regional and Intergovernmental Planning Division memberships and their commitments to sharing their expertise across APA Divisions.

ARCThe fast outward expansion that characterizes the Atlanta area resulted in stagnated public transportation growth. The ARC’s Livable Centers Initiative focuses on regional impact and local relevance to support a mix of land uses, multiple transportation modes, and public involvement. By trying to help the community envision a different development pattern, the ARC’s efforts have resulted in many projects that improve walkability and show that relatively modest improvements can make a huge difference in a community.


Another ARC effort is planning for a regional food system using a collective impact model and is prioritizing opportunities for local food production, access to healthy food options, and nutrition education. There are over 500 sites in Atlanta that contribute to local food production. ARC developed interactive maps to show policy makers the growth and diversity of this food production, and to give the producers a better understanding of the populations they serve.



Listen to Dan Reuter and Allison Duncan speak about their work and see examples of the positive changes underway in Atlanta. For more mini-webinars and other Plan4Health multimedia, visit the Peer Learning Network!


Images from the Atlanta Regional Commission.